How an Expense Management Software Can Help Enterprises Today

A study by Forbes shows that on an average, 10% of an organization’s budget is spent on travel and other miscellaneous expenses.

This shows that large Enterprises spend quite a lot of money for travel and other expenses for the employees. Managing such a large amount of expenses manually is simply not possible and so there is a need for software that can automate the entire process of expense management for Enterprises.

Digital HRMS is an example of a software that offers a comprehensive expense management system that allows enterprises to streamline, manage and keep track on the expenses.Wallet HRMS is another name to reckon with when it comes to automated expense management software.

In addition to the two softwares mentioned above, quite a few more are available in the market, with multiple features to enhance the capability of Enterprises to manage employee expenses in a streamlined manner. As the number of employees continues to grow in an organisation, managing expenses can become more and more complex, thus creating the need for an advanced enterprise management software.

Understanding how an expense management software makes it easy for the modern Enterprise

The biggest advantage of investing in an effective and powerful expense management software is the assured compliance with companies’ travel and expenses policy.

Studies show that a staggering 56% of Enterprises find compliance with the policies to be the biggest advantage of investing in an expense management software. This is followed by other factors like improved employee morale and the reduced cost in processing expense requests.- Statista

The second most important benefit of investing in an expense management software is the reduced time required in processing. Manual processing can indeed consume a lot of time and efforts of the employees.

In addition to reducing the time required for processing expense requests, the cost of processing is also reduced when one invests in an automated software to carry out the process.

A research by Forbes shows that Enterprises can save as much as $31.4 per request when using an automated software.

When there is a reduction in the effort required by the employees, it automatically leads to a boost in employee productivity and this is one of the major benefits of expense management software.

Professionals say that automated expense management enhances productivity by at least 23%.

Another reason of investing in an expense management software is that it helps in providing the necessary Analytics required for a comprehensive analysis of all the data. As businesses get more and more data driven, this can emerge as a major benefit.

Last but not the least, an expense management software boosts employee morale as the employees get the reimbursement on time. Unnecessary delay in reimbursement can be demotivating for the employees, as they always expect timely reimbursements.

So, expense management software does have a key role to play when it comes to streamlined management of the various expenses of an Enterprise. As mentioned above, this kind of software becomes all the more relevant when businesses continue to expand and more and more employees come on board.

To cut a long story short, expense management software helps an Enterprise to save costs, implement compliance with policies, boost employee morale, and achieve more in less time. However, it’s important that enterprises invest in software that is highly scalable and can evolve with the growing needs of the business.

WordPress Step by Step Guide

WordPress is a Content Management system like Joomla and Blogger. It is a blogging platform that makes the complex management for your site easy besides, using WordPress you can also be a millionaire and there exists WordPress success stories in this regard.

More than 35% of all sites are powered by WordPress that is a huge amount. The reason for this is the simplicity of the WordPress, user-friendliness and attractive theme design, flexibility, better SEO, content management, structure, responsiveness, functionality as well as tons of other factors.

WordPress makes the management of your site easier and make it to control from any of the computers. WordPress is so user-friendly that even a non-technical person can handle it quite easily. You can build your entire website, using WordPress as well as manage it for years without even writing a single line of code.

There are plugins in WordPress that makes the job easy. Besides, WordPress also provides you with the flexibility of design. There are templates, themes, as well as designs available in WordPress through which you can design the front-end of your site quite easily.

WordPress will double income as well as also save the cost related to the management of your site by providing you with tons of features like Content Management, Web Designing, Web Management, Web Development, and SEO.

You can also create your own site using WordPress. For this, you have to follow these steps to create a website using WordPress.

Purchase Domain Name and Hosting.
You can purchase a cheap domain name and hosting from the providers such as name, name cheap, domain, and GoDaddy.
With hosting you will be provided with c Panel that is the traditional way for managing your website before the advent of WordPress.
However, Cpanel is the backend of your website and provides you with hundreds of features like WordPress to make the management of your website easy.
Using Cpanel, install WordPress on your site.
Once, you have installed WordPress on your site, you will be provided access to the thousands of website themes.
You can pick up the right theme for your website and can launch it on WWW.
Like themes, there are tons of WordPress plugins that will make the job easier for the job as well as also save the cost of web development.
However, you can also install WordPress on your site for free without purchasing a domain name and hosting. can help you in this regard.

People usually confuse with provides you with the flexibility to create an entire web page. It is like a free website builder. While is the actual software of WordPress that is a content management system and will make the management of your website easy.

You can download software from the website and can upload it to your hosting. Later the WordPress will make the management of your website much easier. Besides, you can also install WordPress on your site by following the steps mentioned above.

WordPress will cut down the management cost of your website while providing you with a vast range of features.


Within the past few years’ websites on a very wide scale transfer from other content management systems to WordPress. You also have to use WordPress as content management for your website else you will be left behind far in the competition.

VoIP Phone Systems and its Benefits for Small Businesses

Nowadays, VoIP has become very popular and is valued high due to various reasons like great quality, low cost and sometimes even free, and has incredible features. VoIP phone systems are a viable solution for business needs as well. Using VoIP phone systems, it is possible to make long distance calls either for free or for just a few bucks compared to traditional phone services.

VoIP technology can be used for instant messaging services that have voice options enabled. For example, AOL, Voice Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Ebay’s Skype, MSN have started using their own VoIP messenger.

While you are using VoIP services, you can use a microphone and speakers to communicate with your caller. You only need is a high-speed internet connection to make calls at real-time, apart from that you also need a soundboard and computer system that is up to date with VoIP technology. A phone adapter would also be required for converting standard telephones into VoIP phones, or a VoIP Phone.

VoIP phone system adapters are another means of communicating with VoIP. A VoIP phone adapter will be helpful to connect your standard phones and your internet modem.

Your telephone adapter will come with installation and user guidelines. By and large, you should control off your PC, at that point connect the adapter to your Internet modem and afterwards plug your phone into the adapter’s telephone jack. Power everything back and you ought to be acceptable to utilize your telephone. You should ensure that you have a VoIP service previously installed.

You can likewise buy a VoIP telephone, explicitly designed for use with your VoIP service. VoIP telephones come in both corded and cordless structures. VoIP corded telephones accompany numerous features. You can buy a desktop telephone that includes speaker telephone, Call Waiting, Hold, Speed Dial, Transfer, and programmable keys, for example, Menu, Dial, Volume, Transfer, Cancel, and Headset or Speaker mode.

VoIP Phones are a great benefit for small businesses

Small businesses do not have the same facilities and options as large businesses. They may not be able to adopt new technologies and tools and are restricted by low funds and resources. In such a situation VoIP phones are the best choice for small businesses, as they reduce costs and offer many other features that are otherwise unaffordable for a small business owner.

Small businesses pay almost four times more per employee, for traditional phone services than large businesses. VoIP service providers recognize the emerging market in small scale businesses and thus offer them packages as per their budget and business size.

Benefits of VoIP Phone System for Small Businesses

There are numerous advantages of having a VoIP telephone system for communication inside as well as outside of a business organization. VoIP phone systems for small business are cost-effective, reliable, and easily manageable and scalable too. These type of phone systems benefit small businesses in many ways:

Dependability: VoIP phone systems are said to be more dependable than analog telephones.
Reasonable Cost: Companies that provide VoIP services to small businesses offer them short-term contracts. These providers may charge a reasonable amount, which would be affordable by almost all small business owners.
Scalability: Small businesses can start with a handful of IP phones and scale up gradually. The growth of the VoIP telephone system can be proportional to the growth in business.
Simple to manage: VoIP telephone systems can gather point by point information on the telephonic activity of the business, for example, incoming numbers, time of call, receiving extensions and more. This data can be gathered in a spreadsheet and provided to top management to take business decisions.
Maintainable easily by in-house staff: The current IT staff can without much of a stretch keep up the VoIP telephone systems. VoIP telephone systems are effortlessly integrated with software and do not need with expert VoIP technicians for their maintenance.
Suitable features for small businesses: Small business VoIP telephone systems offer useful features that can be embraced by small companies to copy the business procedures of larger organizations. Features, for example, auto specialists, call lines, extensions, call transfers, and conferences make the business more credible according to the calling client. VoIP phone systems permit clients to get voice message and fax over email. These features increase the proficiency of the staff.
Concerns regarding VoIP Phone Systems

Although VoIP phone systems are efficient, reliable and cost-effective, there’s one drawback, and that is their total dependence on the internet connection. An internet outage can put a VoIP system out of order. But there’s nothing to worry. This problem can be handled with hosted PBX; it can be used to sustain telephonic communication. With hosted PBX callers can reach business on voicemail and auto attendant because these services are hosted at the data center and not the business location. There are some plans that allow businesses to receive calls on cell phones, preferably an IP phone.

Things to look for in a VoIP System Provider

More recently it has been that many businesses have made the transition from a traditional phone service provider to VoIP Phone systems. If you as a business owner is also planning on switching to VoIP, make sure your business doesn’t get locked into a service plan without considering the following points.

The Price: One of the most important things you must consider when choosing a VoIP system provider is the price it costs per phone line or user. There are some VoIP providers that will advertise offering of low prices but won’t reveal that you need a phone system with 30 users to get the advertised discount rate, which is too expensive and not necessary for most businesses. Once you have compared the rates of most of the VoIP providers you must consider the size of phone system that your company requires.

VoIP Features: VoIP phone systems typically offer a wide variety of calling features, so many that it can now and then be overwhelming. When comparing VoIP service providers, ensure you have a thought of which calling features you plan on utilizing the most. On the off chance that you aren’t sure what calling features are accessible, look through the list of calling features that each VoIP service provider gives and remember the features that pop out at you the most. Many entrepreneurs read through the rundown of features one time and get some answers concerning new services they never knew existed. After comparing the calling of the features of each company, make a list of about five things you figure your business will use all the time and settle on your choice dependent on the services you picked.


Small businesses have a good option of choosing the best VoIP telephone system provider from numerous VoIP telephone providers as more and more businesses are entering the VoIP telephony market. Since contract periods are of short term, a business owner can try out different service providers and settle with the one that suits them. GenesysTel is a telecommunications service provider that also offers VoIP telephone system services to small businesses at affordable rates. The small business VoIP and IP phone systems provided by the company offers high-quality calls with clarity and no call dropouts. As a business owner if you too are in search of best VoIP telephone system providers, then you can take the services of GenesysTel and enjoy VoIP solutions at affordable rates.


Change is an integral part of development. It is true for both personal and technological development. With the ever-increasing digital users across the globe, businesses are making their services available to their targeted users on both web and mobile platforms.

The digital transformation is not just limited to any specific industry. It has enhanced the overall service quality from the finance industry to global supply chain management. But, it is just the top surface of the digital age. The next big transformation by blockchain technology is set to transform every possible industry we have ever known from Agriculture to the Automation industry. It is not just limited to businesses; it set to alter the political engagement and banking system.

As many countries are exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology, the central banking system is still in fear of how the idea of decentralization is going to affect the existing centralized banking sector. After the recent ruling from India’s top court removing the RBI’s ban against cryptocurrency and South Korea’s legislation legalizing cryptocurrency, many investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain developers are gearing up to invest big and explore every possible opportunity to unleash its full potential and reap the benefits out of it.

In the last two years, there has been exponential growth in the blockchain sector, but still, it has not reached the level it is supposed to go.

Currently, many business entities – big or small, are looking out for blockchain technology solution providers for their businesses.

As many early adopters like cryptocurrency trade exchanges – Binance, Kraken, and Trade Herald are going big, now other business entities are big the next big thing in their respective industry.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to integrate a blockchain-enabled solution, Blockchain App Factory is the right fit for you. There are one among a very few expert-level blockchain solution companies with the experience of handling more than 10+ projects in 3 years.

Here is the list of services they provide:

Leverage Exchange Development & Marketing
Peer-to-Peer Exchange Development
Security Token Exchange (STO) Development & Marketing
Smart Contract Development & Audit
Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet
Initial Coin Offering Development & Marketing
Asset Tokenization
Real Asset Tokenization and much more.
From the above-mentioned blockchain-based service, we can understand that technology is not only limited to the exchange of cryptocurrencies. There are numerous benefits that this technology can present to enhance businesses in many different industries.

Let us see how blockchain can power up your business.


The important characteristic is its transaction ledger is open to public viewing. This helps in an unprecedented level of accountability, holding each party responsible for their actions and makes everyone to act with integrity towards the company’s growth and community.


The decentralized nature of the blockchain removes intermediaries or middleman in many processes for fields such as real estate and other high-volume business transactions. Blockchain facilitates faster transactions, 24/7 trading facility, cross-border transactions with digital currency. Most importantly, the self-executing conditioned smart contracts automate the whole process agreement handling.


The data maintenance with high security is the pertinent issue both online and offline. Fraudulent practices in the offline medium have made the paper record untrustworthy. When it comes to the existing digital medium, centralized servers are prone to digital attacks.

To get rid of all that, encryption technique and link to the previous block transaction makes it immutable and incorruptible. It’s decentralized nature come with a unique quality of being “Trustless.”


Blockchain technology has the potential for many use cases and is applicable to many industries. We at Blockchain App Factory facilitate the movement from disruptive to the mainstream.